Company Information

Density Ventures and Upspring Marketing were founded by Stephan Uhrenbacher.

Our investments are mostly in the Canadian space of deep tech and artificial intelligence.

Density Ventures shares deal flow with Pool Global Partners, founded by entrepreneur and investor Sally Daub.

Density Ventures North America
One Yonge Street, Suite 1801
Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1W7, Canada
Ontario Corporation Number (OCN) : 1989075
Managing  Director: Stephan Uhrenbacher

Density Ventures GmbH
Hongkongstrasse 7
20457 Hamburg, Germany
Registered: Hamburg HRB 112901
VAT ID:  DE270596243
Managing Director: Stephan Uhrenbacher

Upspring Marketing GmbH
Hongkongstrasse 7
20457 Hamburg, Germany
Registered: Hamburg HRB 69656
VAT ID: DE198314204
Managing Director: Michaela Weihs